Some of my vintage audio gear


4 SoundStream Class A Reference amplifiers. A pair of 10.0s and a pair of 5.0s.

More audio gear, new in box RF EPX-2 Symmetry with 28 band EQ card, new in box SS Class A Picasso, an Audiocontrol ESP-3, and an original pair of Kicker L7 solobarics. Also a few sets of new in box SS SPL coaxial speakers.

The amp rack in my car.  A SoundStream 10.0 for the subs wired at .5 ohms, and a SoundStream Picasso running the front stage which is a pair of vintage SoundStream P-61 Pro components.  Between the two amplifiers is a Phoenix Gold titanium Bass C.U.B.E.  One of these days I’ll finish everything out & make the trim panels that’ll cover everything.

The subs, an original pair of dual 2 ohm S12L7 Kicker solobarics. Each sub sits in 2.5 cubic ft. of space and the ports are tuned at 37 hertz.  The head unit is an Eclipse CD8053.  If you don’t know this HU it’s one of the best they ever made.  It’s got 8V/16V balanced outputs, no internal amplification, Pro mode which gives me fully adjustable EQ, crossover points and slope, time alignment, and a host of other features. No flashy gizmos, screens, GPS, or iPods here -j ust clean SQ from the front stage with plenty of bass to go along with it.

Hey, this stuff sure does look familiar!